Cutting Through the Static


Me and the crew at Venue 3 Two after a PeaceWalker Conflict Communication Workshop

Remember in the old days when you used to listen to the radio on a road trip?

No, not digital or streaming. I’m talking about old school FM radio.

When you’re putting some miles on and crossing state lines. The radio stations you listen to don’t broadcast far enough for your entire trip, so you have to channel surf to find new channels as you move on down the road.

You continue to push the search button until you hear a song in the genre that you want so you can lock in a desirable station for a spell.

Sometimes you’re listening to a song you really like but the station is fading… The static starts feint, almost imperceptible, than grows in intensity to the degree that you can no longer ignore it.

If you really like the song, you try to hang on as long as you can, listening to the tune through the white noise and times it cuts out completely, hoping to hear as much of the song as you can before the static totally takes over.

Other, less favorable songs, you jump ship at the first pop or fuzz that rears it ugly head.

Training, Conflict & Life…

Training, conflict and Life is very much the same way.

You have to cut through the static, sometimes change the channel.

There is ALWAYS a certain amount of static!

It comes in many forms, but it’s always there.

It’s up to you how you are going to handle it. Sometimes, you lean in, try to focus in on the song and ignore the noise. Other times you decide to change the channel altogether.

It was no different training those ladies yesterday. We went through some conflict communication skills, most of which was learning how to tune into the ethic and objective as we sift through the static to determine what was useful and needed to be addressed and what should be ignored.

Your physical training is like that too…

Heck, LIFE is like that!

It’s not a matter of IF you are going to experience some static, it’s how much are you going to focus on it!? How much are you going to let it influence the song you’re listening to? How long are you going let it go until you switch stations?

Just ignoring it isn’t going to work… Eventually it’ll just keep getting worse and worse until there is only static no more song.

You always have a choice on how you’re going to tackle it.

Stop your vehicle. Change stations. Let the static take over and see if something else tunes in.

Your training should help you to navigate this more effectively.

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