An Amazing Story!


I love a good story and THIS one is a doozy!

It is our tradition after Krav class, to have everyone sit in a circle (around the proverbial campfire) and tell protector tie-in stories.

It’s important to connect the dots on how your training is used in real time. Pointing out the impact your training has on your own Life and the Lives of others is essential.

You have to keep reminding yourself how/why this path is SO valuable in everything you do. It’s easy to forget the real value of training.

Luckily for many people, outside of professional protectors (like law enforcement, security, etc.), most of the direct physical defense aspects of class are not utilized in their daily Life.

However, sometimes it IS!

An Amazing Story!

One of our student community members has been going to Uganda on mission trips the past couple years. She got an opportunity to teach some of our PeaceWalker methods, including physical self defense, to a group of young ladies over there.

This was a big deal for them. Violence toward women is prevalent over there. It’s a real thing that you have to take seriously, because it’s happens so frequently.

The ability to protect yourself goes so much deeper than simply the physical aspects of the act. It touches a very deep level of your soul. The difference between having a victim or empowered mentality can deeply alter your confidence and sense of self worth.

To make matters worse predictors are looking for people they can easily exploit. They look for the easier targets and people who have little self confidence and low self worth. They are simply easier to take advantage of and abuse.

The abusive father of this woman’s child (born out of rape, by that man), tried to kidnap the child. When the woman tried to stop him, he physically attacked her. Luckily, not only did her (brief) training give her the confidence to stand up to him and get her child back, but ironically he assaulted her in the same manner of one of the exact techniques that she was taught.

She escaped his grab and pezzed him in the face (palm heel strike) sending him backwards into a wall. It was enough to put some space between him and her and show him that she (and her child) weren’t the easy targets that he thought they’d be.

He wasn’t out of the game though…

Either was she!

Stunned, but still in the fight, he started to come at her again. She got into a fighting stance and yelled fiercely. This attracted attention of some men around her who came to her assistance. They put a beatdown on her attacker, saving her the trouble.

(Things are a bit different over there than they are here. Sadly, now-a-days over here in the Stated, those guys that helped, would probably be facing some legal charges for stepping in how they did.)

Not Bad For Just ONE Lesson!

Just goes to show that you don’t have to be a Navy SEAL or UFC champion to protect yourself or those you love!

It also goes to show you what just a little bit of this training can do for you!

It’s stories like THAT, that remind me how important it is to for us to keep sharing this path and Lifestyle with others!

It’s More Mindset Than Technique

That woman literally only had one or two short lessons! It’s amazing what this path can do for you…

Like I say,

“Being a PeaceWalker can Change Your Life, Maybe Even Save It!”

Just think what more training could do for her Life…

And for yours!

Learning to deal with conflict and violence more effectively boils down to your Operating System.

You probably don’t have years or decades to dedicate to training. Most don’t. That’s why years ago I put together a different approach to training…

Something that quickly ramps you up to quickly know how to handle physical, emotional and verbal conflict.

Do you want to feel more confidence that you know you can handle yourself?

More certainty to persevere in the face of situations that life puts between you, your safety and success?

It’s hard to be happy if you Live Life like a victim.

The PeaceWalker Evolution Training Retreat is your speed pass to Greater Personal Protection, Conflict Management and Leadership skills.

Just like that woman you read about in this email…

Your Life can literally change overnight when you have the right Operating System!

It’s time for you to Evolve!

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