SFT... WTH?!

I just re-watched a movie I really like, it's called Seven Days in Utopia. It's about a young, up and coming pro-golfer who just melted down at his last tournament.

He ends up wrecking his car in the middle of nowhere, a place called Utopia. He gets help from an old guy named Johnny, who he later finds out was a top notch PGA golfer.

Johnny takes Lucas under his wing and mentors him in golf and more importantly in Life. And just like a 'Mr. Myogi' of the golfing world, Johnny coaches the young lad into developing both his golf and personal game. 

By using some very unique training methods (much like Myogi), Johnny instills the lessons that could ensure Luke's future in golf and as a man. 

One of the exercises that johnny has his new protege' do is to begin to:

See It
Feel It
Trust It


Ironically, this is a process that I help students to develop as well... Only, rather than golf we are training how to defend ourselves (and others).

Learning how to SEE conflict from a different perspective is not intuitive. 

Understanding what to do with how you are FEELING when you are under stress or threatened is something that most people struggle with.  

Letting go enough to TRUST your gut feeling when the stakes are high is essential to not just survival, but living a good Life. 

In the movie Johnny (played flawlessly by Robert Duvall), writes SFT on his golf balls as a reminder to himself of how important this exercise is. 

Now my way of getting these concepts across won't involve golf balls, but none the less will help you to develop the necessary skills.


Learning to See It, Feel It and Trust It, is a practice that can help you to be as effective in defending yourself as it will to live a good Life.

And That's Exactly What...

The entire PeaceWalker Approach is helping you to do: See Conflict as an Opportunity, Feel Confident that you can defend yourself and Trust that you can handle whatever Life throws at you!

That said, don't miss your next chance to become a PeaceWalker Private Member, so you can learn these skills and more!

The membership will be opening up again to new folks in a few weeks!

In the meantime, you can get on the wait list here:

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