Now THIS is the Text You Want to Get!

I got a text from one of our Private PeaceWalker Members a couple days ago.  He's a Court Officer who uses his PeaceWalker training quite frequently in his job. For privacy (and my own amusement) we'll call him Dog, as in Dog the bounty hunter (I'm sure he'll love that!=). 

Well, Dog got a call from 'the office' that one of his 'clients' had to either follow through getting his blood test or be arrested on a bench warrant. 

The last thing Dog wanted to have to do is go to the hood and make an arrest. Fortunately, Dog is good at what he does, isn't a douche canoe, and he uses an ample amount of the PeaceWalker approach to make allies not enemies. So, even when he has to serve papers, or in this case leave a message that if this dude doesn't get his court ordered blood test, he'll have to come and arrest him, he is able to get things done in a more safe, respectable, even easier way.

Here's the texts I got from Dog describing the phone call to me:


HIM: (Yelling) This is bs, you come to my house, leave a note you're gonna arrest me, then think I'm gonna trust you?!

ME: If I can get you to calm down and hear me out, I may be able to help you, but I'm afraid if you continue to yell, this conversation is over. 

Sound familiar? I learned this from you AND IT WORKED!!

Thanks Craig!

I explained to him that it looks better when you go in on your own free will.

My (Dog's) boss already talked to him and scheduled the appointment for Monday morning. She'll call me if he doesn't show. 

She's super happy w/me right now. 

Got the call a few hours ago, he showed up for the test and because I was the reason for it (him getting his blood test), I still get paid for it! 


Just goes to show that sometimes it even pays money being a PeaceWalker!  Not to mention how it protected EVERYONE! Including the dude who had the bench warrant!

Dog used one of the simple conflict communication tactics taught in the PeaceWalker course! 

Who knows what might have went down if Dog would've had to arrest this guy. Probably nothing... But why risk it if it can be dealt with in a better way! 

The way of the PeaceWalker!

You Might Be Thinking...

That's cool and all, but you're not a court officer, so these skills have nothing to do with you?!


The common denominator is that we ALL have to deal with people and with people comes CONFLICT! 

So, the better you can handle conflict, the safer, more effective you'll be! 

Think of the next time you have a disagreement with your neighbor. spouse, your kids, that class clown you're always dealing with, that client whose always nagging at you...

Maybe that road rager whose pounding on your window. or that employee who is late for work AGAIN!

I KNOW... the next thing that's going through your mind is...


Got ya covered there too!

The PeaceWalker Private Membership seamlessly integrates physical defensive tactics with the verbal influence and the mindset of being a protector. 

It HAS to be that way! 

Anyway, enough from me today, I just wanted to share 'Dog's' success story. 

If you want to more skill when dealing with conflict, than get on the waitlist for the next time the Private PeaceWalker Membership opens up again.

It's not going to be opening up again for a little while, but you're not going to want to miss your chance AGAIN!

Just ask 'Dog!'

Alright, have a great day and...

Keep going,


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