Have You Been Lied To?!


Have you been lied to?!

Well, yes and no...

About what you ask?

Yesterday, I said that the email from one of our community members would be the last one, because I was moving on to other pastures...

Well, we ARE moving on to another subject, HOWEVER, I DO have an email to share with you that one of our Private PeaceWalker Members just forwarded me yesterday. 

It was an incident that went down on his trip to the Secretary of State (SOS). 

I'd go into more detail, but I might as well just share his correspondence with you. So, here you go!

Active Shooter?!

Hello Craig, 

I hope you are doing well. I decided to build a boat with my boys and Father in Law. It has been a blast and we are almost finished. 
Since I am going to be testing the boat on public water I figured I had better get it registered and all above board in case the sheriff decides to pay me a visit. As you can imagine the SOS office which can be a frustrating experience in the best of times, has only gotten more so in recent months. 
I made an appointment this morning for this afternoon (pro-tip you can make an appointment for same day you just need to go to the SOS website before 8am) Anyway, I roll up at my appointed time and see a lot of people in line. 
Oh well, this is why I gave myself plenty of time. I tuck myself into a shady breezy spot around the corner from the door and wait to be called.
While waiting a middle aged woman we all know as "Karen" starts to get agitated with the clerk manning the door. My PeaceWalker antennae perk up and suddenly I am running the 6As, checking my baseline and running scenarios in my head. 
The clerk is being very professional and doing her best to try and help the woman while at the same time doing her job of calling in appointments. Karen wasn't having it though and was becoming increasingly agitated, irrational , and very emotional. Other people were becoming uncomfortable and even a little concerned.
Meanwhile, I actually felt a strange but very welcome sense of calm wash over me. As uncomfortable as this situation was, my threat assessment of Karen was quite low until she exclaimed
"I'm going home to get my gun and coming back here" 
Yeah, OK that escalated quickly.
Karen stormed away yelling threats, got in her car and drove off. I took mental notes of the car and reappraised my plans. 
Shortly after, I was called in for my appointment but kept one eye on the parking lot the entire time I was in line. Karen didn't come back while I was there (I didn't think she actually would, thinking she just needed to blow off some steam and likely calmed down once she was out of the place that was triggering her) 
Of course the sheriff's cars parked in the lot shortly after may have discouraged her as well.
Long story but I wanted to say thanks for all you do. This was a situation that in the past may have triggered a much different response from me where I found myself curled up in a corner for a few days. Today, no adrenaline, no dismay, no irrational fear. 


That's the Way...

Luckily Jeff's incident didn't turn into anything... 

But, he was paying attention and prepared (as much as one could be) to respond if something did 'go down.'

I think what he said in his last paragraph says a lot...

"This was a situation that in the past may have triggered a much different response from me... curled up in a corner for a few days. Today, no adrenaline, no dismay, no irrational fear." 

That's huge! 

Living a Life with less dismay and fear. Living a more powerfully graceful Life. One where you have greater confidence that you can handle situations of conflict and the threat of violence. 

Knowing that you are there and you can help not only yourself, but others as well. 

This perspective... This IDENTITY will change you and everything you do! 

If you want the formula to feel this way. The same formula that Jeff found in the PeaceWalker Program, then get on the waiting list now, so you can join me and so many others in my Private Membership that will give you the System, Community and Support you need to develop theses protector skills and this PeaceWalker Lifestyle!

Keep going,


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