Those Cats Were Kung Fu Fighting!

                          Master Yen Hoa Lee (in black) practicing Praying Mantis kung fu. Early 60's?! Not sure.

Last week, I told you I was going to share some of the correspondence that folks in our community were sending in. Well, here's another one from a longtime friend and martial arts brother of mine, Rick Powell. 

I've known Rick for over 30 years. (Hard to believe it's been that long!)

He and I met at Master Yen Hoa Lee's Praying Mantis / Tai Chi Class many many years ago.

Great system! Both Master Lee and Rick are world class martial artists and all around wonderful human beings! They practice, teach and Live the Life of a PeaceWalker. Protectors for sure! 

Both Master Lee and Rick had a profound affect on me, my training and teaching over the years.

That system doesn't typically spar, but they have intense two person drills and forms that they partake in to deepen their skills. 

I like hearing the different perspectives from all of our members diverse backgrounds regarding training. 

It was great hearing what Rick had to say. 

I think you'll find what he has to say interesting as well. 

Rick's email...

Great email Craig...Love all the points and agree. I often think about this when doing the two person routines...You can go hard or go for subtlety...go for making the entries and exits feel loose and comfortable, modulate where to put the power and when, or trash each other and try to “win” (which is what most newbies do, some get stuck there). 
Two person routines are not sparring but can be very useful in learning how a given system operates in motion. I always wondered, 'were the guys way back when, sick of getting injured, so they made 2 person routines to minimize injury while learning the principle skills?' 
Now that I am in my 50’s I say yes. 
love the way 2 person bung bo is composed and have really been seeing it more in the light of training the student in the 12 key principles of mantis. Sifu never talked about them , but he definitely taught them to us. 

Anyway, always lots to learn! Really appreciate your perspective.
Keep on keepin on,


Rick has been training and teaching for over three and a half decades. Hands down he is one of the best overall martial artists I know. 

As I said, he's the whole package too! A great practitioner, instructor and all around person. 

When I think about what path a martial artist should be on and aspire to. Rick is one of rare living examples that I can point to and say "That guy!" 

He really does walk the walk!

I'm a better man for knowing him and grateful that he chooses to remain a part of this community! 
Come One... But NOT All!

Yes, everyone IS a protector...
Not everyone is protecting the right things...
ESPECIALLY under the stress of conflict!
This journey of being a PeaceWalker and building a Protector's Lifestyle ISN'T for everyone! 
Yes, everyone I talk to want the benefit of these skills, but not everyone is interested in putting the time and resources necessary to actually developing them for themselves. 
It usually takes a profound shift from where you are, to where you want to go...
And you can't get from here to there w/o some help!
If you are looking for a road map to the confidence that you can handle yourself in a real situation. 
If you want to learn the secrets to training smarter. 
It's quite simple really... But not necessarily easy!
You'll need some help from people who've been there, done that, so to speak. 
Folks who can guide you to learning how to not just protect yourself and family better, but also how to turn everyday conflicts into opportunities.
For what?!
Yep, you heard me right. If you know what to look for AND aren't part of the problem, you'll see that there are opportunities to figure out the problems facing you in the moment and in the long run!
It's aout time to get on the wait list to my Private PeaceWalker Membership, so when it opens, you're ready to go!

Keep going,


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