Lessons from Inside 'the Cage'!


So, here's another email that I got from one of our PeaceWalker Community Members in response to that cluster of emails I sent out last week. 

If you haven't read them, go back and check your inbox (or spam folder if you must) for these emails and re-read them. 

~ This Joke's On the Complainers 
~ You've Heard to Train Smarter Not Harder Right?!
~ Here's the 'Real Secret' of Sparring... It's NOT What You Think!

After you refresh your memory, then come back and read the rest of this email.

Last email I'm Going to Share...

This will be the final email I'll share that I got from our community. It's NOT due to lack of correspondence. Oh no! I just figured we'd move on to other things after this.

So far I've shared an experience from a cop, a traditional martial artist and now, from a MMA coach. 

We'll call him "M". That sounds rather James Bond-ish, I think he'd like that! =)

Anyway M is a very talented martial artist. youthful, strong, smart, cunning... Cool accent too! 

He came into the academy a couple years ago, wanting to see about training over 40. Being that he was on the cusp then, he was realizing that he may have to change up some things in his approach as he got older. 

He still stays in touch and as you can see is part of the PeaceWalker Community at large!

It was good hearing the perspective of someone of his caliber. 

Here's what he had to say:

(Craig) Very good points - my view has always been that the more controlled a drill is the harder you can go - if both partners knows exactly what is happening you can apply a ton of pressure safely to evaluate body structure etc.
Sparring being somewhat chaotic should be playful AND come with rules and clear goals otherwise you only become a master at the few things you have confidence in.
(I like handing out tasks in sparring, like "your job is to close the distance on each engagement" or "focus on vertical confusion, aim high -> takedown" etc etc etc. It also supplies your friends with the opportunity to train against more virtual opponents.

Take Note

Not only does he have some good points, but a couple things you can take to the gym and train yourself, the next time you gear up! 

Something Else You'll Notice...

If you're paying attention, there's a few other things you'll see if you're paying attention...

One is that we have a very diverse community.
Second thing is that many of them have some impressive experience.
Third is that a lot of them are 40+.

All things that make our community unique. 

You may be wondering how many people are in our community?!

Thousands... and growing. 

It's hard to keep a good people down! 

We may have Diverse backgrounds, but we all have a Single Path! Being a PeaceWalker. Developing a Protector's Lifestyle. 

We all strive for what Robert Humphrey calls the Warrior's Creed:

Where ever we go everyone is a little bit safer because we are there.
Where ever any of us are people in need have a friend. 
Whenever we go people are glad we are there. 

So, that said, it doesn't matter what color you are (skin or belt), what language you speak, what god you worship or political party you belong to, what style you practice or weapon you carry. As long as you respect Life and are training the skills to do most good least harm, you are this path. 

So if you are looking for that blueprint to build the confidence of handling yourself in a real situation...

If you want to learn the secrets to training smarter into your 40's and beyond...
It's really quite simple... But you'll need the formula. The recipe to put it all together right!
Get on the wait list to my Private PeaceWalker Membership, so when it opens, you'll be ready to go deeper... To learn more... To get the system of an approach that can change your Life... Maybe even Save It! 
Get on the waiting list NOW!

Keep going,


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