The Making of a Hero


A Hero's Story...

Maybe your hero is Bruce Lee, General Patten or Albert Einstein. Those might be worthwhile heroes. However, it would be even better to become your own hero. Your life is your story, and every story needs a hero.

My definition of a hero is someone who raises to the occasion to help someone one in a moment of need. 

I'll be honest, I don't hold up sports figures, performers, or the like to be heroes. That's not to say that I don't appreciate what they do. However, by my definition, in order to be a hero you have to help someone in need... Typically at the risk of  yourself in some way.   

This could be something big or small.  

This weekend was Father's Day. In my eyes most fathers are heroes on more than one occasion while rearing their kids. (Mom's too!)

Teachers, police officers, soldiers, medical professionals and many other 'everyday heroes' are just that! 

However, they are often overlooked. 

It is important to remind people who and what TRUE HEROES really are! 

Most people will be given an opportunity at some point to make a choice. One choice may be to act heroically...

Another choice is not to!

One choice will probably lean towards helping yourself... The other choice will point toward helping someone else.

If you choose to help the other person, that MAY mean doing something potentially heroic....

It may not.

It depends!

Certain professions and Lifestyles will lend themselves to give you more opportunities to act heroically. 

It Can Happen In a Moment...

You have a chance to become that hero. So, before something happens, it's important for you to define the mindset that can bring about the hero of your story, because every situation is different, the hero of each story is different. The hero of your story won't be the same as the hero of someone else's story.

That's why Identity is so important. 

If you identify as being a protector of others, than you'll increase the likelihood of you raising to the occasion when someone needs you.

It's the little things as well as the big. 

Those small things can mean something you'll never quite know or fully comprehend.

It starts with YOU! 

You can make a difference.

As Dr. Humprey said:

"Where ever I go everyone's a little bit safer because I'm there.... Anyone in need has a friend..."

It's a good start. 

There's a lot of everyday heroes out there behind the scenes who have made a world of difference... 

But they're not in the spotlight. Most don't want to be!

There’s no time to waste getting started. 


Simple, embrace your deepest identity as a Protector. 

Become that PeaceWalker. Be ready to help. To serve. 

The more time you wait to get started, the more opportunities you miss. 

You can choose who you are going to be. There's still time. Don't waste a second! 

Building Your Hero...

Begins with having the right skills, the right mentors, the right community...

Yes, everyone IS a protector...
Not everyone is protecting the right things...
ESPECIALLY under the stress of conflict!
This journey of being a PeaceWalker and building a Protector's Lifestyle ISN'T being a hero, it's about helping and serving others. It's about being prepared.
Yes, everyone I talk to dreams about being that hero, but not everyone is interested in putting the time and resources necessary to actually developing the mindset that would better prepare them for that type of service.
It's a delicate balance that needs to be clarified and sustained. It's both art and science... 
And even then there still no guarantees!
But it IS a better Life!
If you are looking for a road map to the confidence that you can handle yourself in a real situation. Putting you in a better position to possibly help someone else in that moment of need. 
If you want to learn the secrets to that type of training...
It's quite simple really... But not necessarily easy!
You'll need some help. 
If you want that structure and support, then it's time to get on the wait list to my Private PeaceWalker Membership, so when it opens, you're ready to go!

Keep going,


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