Just Like Before!?


               Jenn f. (L) and Tim W. (far R) - A couple of newly minted black belts in October 2021! 


I am sitting at one of my favorite coffee houses doing some work on my computer & this feeling came over me...

I haven't done this in a while... A long while! Like over a year and a half. You know, before the pandemic started March of 2020.

I used to do a lot of work remotely, at local coffee houses. I had a few that I'd rotate, but I would spend more time there than at home to do my work (aside from teaching). 

When the pandemic struck, like everyone else, I stopped going out. 

It's a funny feeling going from spending so much time gone to all of my time in my living room (aka home office) to do all of my countless hours on the computer, writing these emails, curriculums, proposals, power point presentations, newsletters, editing videos (countless hours of vids!) and websites,.. And don't even get me going on those evil social media sites!

Anyway, I find myself sitting here in the same spot that I often did looking out the same window to the same things that I would look at before...

It felt like a deja vu... 

Almost like it did before the pandemic hit. 


Things HAVE changed... We all HAVE changed!

Just like Jenn and TIm (Those two fine people in the picture at the top of this email)... 

They've changed too...

Our journey changes us regardless whether or not we want it to... Regardless if we want it to be like 'it used to be.'

It kinda reminds me when you broke up with your girl (or boy) friend and you end up getting back together...

You try to be what you were, but you're not. You've changed, she's changed, your relationship has changed.

No matter how much you may want to, you can't go back! 

But, you CAN move forward! 

If you try to live in the past or recreate how it was, it rarely works. 

You have to forge a new future...

You Have a Choice...

You can't change what happened, but you CAN decide what you're going to do with it and how you're going to use those experiences to move forward. 

Just like Tim and Jenn are not the same people they were before taking their journey at the academy to become PeaceWalkers... 

You and I are not the same after going through the ordeal that we have been going through the past year and a half. 


What we do with that experience is up to each of us. 

Your journey changes you...

Make sure you are changing for the better!

A Quick Story of Change...

Here's what one of the folks who recently tested (at the local academy) has to say about his experience:

It's truly difficult to convey, in words, the level of respect and appreciation I have for you- Brother! You have a consistent ability to practice what you teach.
I wanted to wait till after testing to tell you these things- whether I passed, or failed! Haha, so it didn't sound like schmoozing! I think I know you well enough to know your decision wouldn't be swayed anyway- schmoozing, or not!
So, thank you for the kind words, for the constant encouragement, for your patience, for your insight in training and life in general, for asking about and commenting on my thoughts, life events and family. You are genuine and I really like that about you!
I had a great time on "test day"! I was probably the most nervous of any test yet. Why? I didn't feel 100% ready. However, during the test, I felt the most confident of any test yet! As I reflect, I think the muscle memory, movement, tactical space and feeling balance points are starting to gell!
I remember crossing that point in my flying career!
An older and far more experienced flight examiner once asked me ( when I barely had 250 hrs under my belt and a freshly minted instructors certificate) how I would compare our abilities.
I told him he was obviously a far better pilot than me with combat, commercial, instructor and examiner experience! He said, no, our abilities are very similar. The difference, he said, was in his advanced anticipation and insight to catch and correct his mistakes before I would have even noticed them! Now, with 37 years and 10,000+ hrs. Of " in the seat" experience I get what he meant!...and I'm still learning!

Don't Let It Deter You!

If you are part of our PeaceWalker On-Line Community and don't train at the local academy... Don't worry! 

You're in good company. I have many similar stories from you folks too! 

There are many ways to train. At the academy is just one way. Using the on-line resource from the comfort and convenience of your own home is a great way to learn, grow and sustain this PeaceWalker Path!  

Many of our academy folks are also PeaceWalker.net members. AND many Private PeaceWalker members never stepped a foot in the academy, yet have made some HUGE changes by learning these skills. 

That said...

It's Hard to Believe...

I'm in my 50's now and have been training for over 4 decades. I've seen few people train the right way and scores of folks training the wrong way... 

Ways that will just get you hurt!

Learn the secrets to training with less injuries and more performance, no matter your age. 

This zoom mini-workshop will show you some of the key methods I picked up over my lifetime of training, coaching, competing and real life experiences.

This free workshop is invaluable if you currently train, (or want to) and you're anywhere near forty (or older!).

I'll share specific strategies for:

~ Injury Prevention & recovery.
~ Peak performance in and outside of the gym.

Regardless of your age or discipline, you're not gonna want to miss this one!
I'll be sharing what I've learned over a lifetime of training, competing and real life experiences.

Best of all is this will be a Free Live Zoom Workshop that you can join me on!


In the meantime, check out my latest Podcast here (the new one goes up on Friday!) https://anchor.fm/craig-gray1


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