Stick Your Toe In, or Take the Plunge?!

Well, here we are... Only a few weeks into 2022!

How are you fairing so far?

So far so good here... Although admittedly, I'm coming out the gate a little slow.

Toe In or the Big Plunge?!

So, are you the kind of person who eases into things, or one who just jumps all in?

In truth, it doesn't really matter which you are. What matters most is that you take action toward your goals and you find a way to sustain it to get the results you are looking for. 

Sometimes when easing in to things, people lose the momentum necessary to keep going. The gravity of their current habits isn't offset enough by the thrust of their new direction to take root to usher in any real change.

Others find that once they begin the slow burn, steady pace suits them well to achieve their goals.

Contrary to this, some folks who jump right in, find the enthusiasm of the moment lacks the endurance and staying power necessary to carry them through to the positive results they sought.  

However, some who resonate with this path find that explosive emersion into their journey is just what the doctor ordered to drive them to success. 

So, whichever way you swing with getting started and keeping going is fine. 

As for me...

I have some traits from both of these approaches, but as I've grown a bit older, I find myself more of an 'easing my way' into things kinda guy. 

I think Life is mostly a marathon w/a few sprints when necessary, now and then. 

Regardless, try not to come out of the gate too strong, only to fall flat on your face after a few steps.

Don't succumb to constant shiny object distractions, chasing the 'next big thing' like a dog chasing cars. 

On the other hand, don't have such a slow roll that you either never get enough momentum to reach the boiling point or just never get going in the first place. 

Get Rolling...

Check out my podcast where I talk about some important ideas regarding your training in the New Year:

Keep going,


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