I Shouldn't Have to Ask!


Ah, Monday... 

It's such a beautiful day here! 

Great weekend of training. Saturday I ran all three Krav classes then taught a seminar yesterday as well. Tonight we  have regular Krav class, then the last testing class of this rotation, before Saturday's test! 

Soooo... Needless to say I'm a little busy tying up loose ends for the test and up coming Intro Session.

Should I Have to Ask?!

It should amaze me the lack of basic communications and customer service with so many companies out there. 

Just like anything, mastery lays in the basics. People who are exceptional at anything, no matter what it is, are masters of the basics of their craft. 

If you are talking about defending yourself than one of the basics is communication skills.

Just like in business, learning effective communication is essential.

Sometimes you can cause as much conflict by NOT saying anything as you can by saying the wrong thing!

It just happened to me Friday...

A couple weeks ago, I ordered some shirts that I needed for students before this Saturday's test. I told the printer that I needed these before an upcoming event. They told me they were running a couple weeks out. I agreed, telling them if I got them by Friday, it would be fine. 

The printer told me they would call me last Friday when they were done. But when Friday came, I didn't hear from them. So mid-way through the day I called them inquiring about my order. 

"Let me get back with you," Came the reply.

A few hours passed and I didn't hear anything. 

I called them back. 

"Oh, they won't be done today. Maybe Monday or Tuesday," they said.

"Really?! You told me they'd be done Friday. I need them for an event," I said matter of factly. 

"Ok, I'll call you back later today," they said.

They never called me back Friday. 

Monday morning rolls around (today). I gave them a couple hours to call, of course they never did, so I call them.

"Hi, this is Craig Gray, I calling about my order." 

"Oh, yea, we're planning on getting them done sometime today," the person on the line says.

I say, "Do you know when, so I can plan my day."

"Oh 4p or 5p -ish."

"Ok, thanks,"  I replied before hanging up.

I Know, Not the End of the World

Yes, of course, not getting those shirts isn't the end of times. I would survive. No one was dying. 

However, seemingly small things like this can quickly grow to be issues of contention and conflict.

In this case, it can cost you customers, relationships, sometimes more. 

The breakdown happened at a few junctures namely these two:

1) If you promise something, follow through.

2) Keep people informed, don't leave them hanging, even if it's something they don't want to hear. 

This is good advice for business and life.

Learning to Communicate

Just because you've been talking your whole life doesn't mean that you can't learn how to be even more effective at it... Especially during conflict! That's why we spend so much time on it as PeaceWalkers.

Remember, part of communication is talking, another part is listening.

That said...

If you want to hear more tips, tricks and tactics of living as a PeaceWalker, then check out my weekly podcast:

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