Start Where You Are At!


Quiet night last night...

Much like my New Years 'Celebration.'

Spent time w/family chilling, laughing, eating, enjoying the good things in Life...

Not the big, or the loud, drama or extreme...

Actually just the opposite...

The cozy, the quiet, the intimacy of a everyday life, a normal day spent with the work and people I love. You know having the rights and freedoms to... 

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Those are the things that drive us to be Protectors in the first place.

I hope that you had a good New Year Celebration regardless if it was quiet like mind or loud and proud... bold and crazy...

Regardless, I hope it was safe and something you enjoyed it w/the people you care about.

And now hopefully you're RARE'N to start your New Year off on the right foot!

Words of Advice on Resolutions

If you read yesterday's email you know that I'm not a big fan of New Year's Resolutions...

I am, however a big fan of looking back over the year  to see what was working, and what wasn't. What you want more of and what you want less of.

Dial in not only what type of life you're creating... But what type of a person are you becoming.

Are you happy with where things are going?

You May Think Me Strange...

That at 51 I'd think about what type of person I'm becoming...

Many would believe that by this age we have already became the person who we are.  In certain respects I agree, however in many other aspects I don't.

Make no mistake, we are always developing, always progressing or regressing, always changing.

I want to make sure that I continue to evaluate where I am and where I want to be. Who I am and who I want to become.

I want to make sure I'm doing the things necessary to support my decision and goals.

It's a mindset and sometimes you have to do a mind re-set of sorts.

Simple, not Easy...

Start Where You're At...

Remember that this journey is a marathon and at times a sprint.

Life hopefully is a long(ish) journey for us, so you have to make sure whatever you do is sustainable... And of course your enjoying the ride!

Make sure that the suck you have to embrace, no matter how large or small is worth the troubel. You know as I say, "Is the juice worth the squeeze?!"

Time is a limited resource...

Yea, I know it seems like we've been caught in a time warp the past couple years since Covid hit, but...

Think about how fast this past decade went?

The next 10 will go even faster!

Heck, when I think of 2020, I think of some far off year that they used to make sci-fi movies about: 

Here are some of the dates that those sci-fi 70's / 80's movies were set in:

Blade Runner was set in 2019
Escape from New York set in 1997
Back to the Future 2 set in 2015
Soylent Green set in 2022

...I know right?!

Where did the time go?

That said it's time to...

Re-Evaluating Your Everything

Make sure that the Juice is Worth the Squeeze in everything you set out to do,

Yes, of course, it's good to finish what you start...


It's also good to re-evaluate and keep checking in to make sure where you're wanting to go still makes sense...

Things change and you should too!

Relationships, careers, identities, activities, needs, health, responsibilities, pretty much everything!

Keep up!

It's ok to change...

The New Year can be a good time to reflect, re-evaluate and make a plan to move forward in a direction that give you more of what you want and less of what you don't!

Make sure you are enjoying the journey! As we have both experienced, it goes fast!

Keep Going,

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