This House Is Sh*t!!!


Busy day... A lot of connecting w/our community, live, on the phone and online.

Good stuff Maynard!

I have to say, I really do love our community.

I love it when I hear from you folks! 

We're not like a lot of these on-line memberships...

We'll I guess, by rights we're on-line AND local at the academy, HOWEVER, most of our members are remote, on-line. 

I'm old school though and still take care of folks personally, whether they're here in GR or Somewheresville outta town (like most of you).

I treat everyone as personally as I can, kinda like they're here at the academy. 

Just like these emails. They're not auto-responders or hammered out by some VA (virtual assistant), they're all written by me in real time (well, mostly anyway!).

Like Obe Wan Kenobi... I believe in the Old Ways... =)

Well, sort of! 

Several years ago I did updated to offering on-line training programs. Now, you have literally over two thousand training videos available: Courses, modules and masterclass interviews with all the fixins! 


So, you have more covenant 24/7 access to training and inspiration. You can learn from the comfort of your own phone with these emails, blog, podcasts, videos and of course the entire Private PeaceWalker Membership. 

I update the site w/new training every single week... Heck, private members also get monthly live coaching calls on zoom so you can ask me questions, connect & stay in touch. 


It's all available to you in the palm of your hand!

It couldn't be any more convenient! 

Excuses be gone! 

You'll have to find another, because availability and conveyance aren't on that list any more! 

Anyway, I'm going off on a tangent. The real reason for today's email is because one of our members, Jason, wrote in to tell me how he used his PeaceWalker skills to de-escalate a situation. 

Jason is a realtor and volunteers on a church security team...

Well, he ran into a situation at one of his open houses this past week. 

Here's the story... 

This House is Sh*t! =(

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jason Wrote~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hope you're doing great Craig. Miss training with you.

Had an interesting encounter the other day with a angry gentlemen at one of my open houses. He walks up to me and says "I gotta tell you this house is shit" and proceeds to kick the trim in the house.

 Long story short... by the end of our conversation he wrote down his number and wanted me to help him find a home. I'll be honest ill probably skip that lead!

Very thankful for the de-escalation skills you taught me. 

Have a great week.


Conflict Into Opportunity!

I love hearing these stories like Jason. (And there's a lot of them!)

His training gave him the skills and confidence to handle that guy before it turned into a possibly violent encounter...

Heck, sounds like he might even get a sale out of it!

Have you ever been in a situation like that?!

One where there was someone who was angry and unpredictable? You were nervous that he might become violent 

Some folks don't really know what to do physically or verbally. 

Most only know how to leave... Which is a good option if that choice is available. However, that's not always an option... or not the best one. 

Having the skill, confidence and clarity is essential.

That's what this training and community is all about! 

Like I say, the PeaceWalker Approach can change your life... Maybe even save it! 

Alright, alright, I'm starting to sound like a cheezy commercial now....

Time to go! 

Have a great day.


If you haven't 'tapped out' from all of this PeaceWalker stuff, check out my free home study course:

Take it easy and...

Keep going,


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