Woke Racist!?

I Just got finished w/a nice walk around the block. Now I'm sitting here sipping on my Kevita Tart Cherry Kombucha thinking about stirring some sh*t up! =7

As if I really need to do that in today's day and age anyway...


I know, I know I'm pretty fatigued about all of the drama surrounding those subjects too. But these movements continue to cause conflict on almost every level of our society right now. 

Of course, the reality that seeded these movements need our attention, but my guess is, just like you, I grow tired of the emotional unbalanced drama that media (social or otherwise) amplifies. 

Give me more of the level headed, rational, lets figure this out, kinda attitude and less of the emotional reactionary mud/shame slinging, bullying, de-platforming, tuning out or violent temper tantrum approach.

I could drone on spouting off my opinions and perspectives, but I shall not...

I actually wanted to share this really good podcast episode on those subjects. It's from the Freakonomics guys. 

It's a really good interview where they rationally discuss those issues (and more). It's an easy listen and (probably) won't get most of you too fired up. 

It's hand down one of the best discussions I've heard on the subject in a while. Even if you don't agree with all of it (and I'm sure some of you won't) it was still a good rational discussion minus all of the emotional mud slinging and political rhetoric.  

I'd like to take credit for finding it myself, but alas, I cannot. The credit must go to my buddy Kevin D. who suggested to me a couple weeks ago. 

I've enjoyed other episodes from their "People I Mostly Admire" Podcast. This one features John McWhorter. 

John is an American linguist with a specialty in creole languages, sociolects, and Black English. He graduated with a Ph.D in 1993 from Stanford University and is currently associate professor of linguistics at Columbia University, where he also teaches American studies and music history. He is the author of books on race relations, hip-hop and African-American culture.

I found the interview to be interesting, you may as well. 

The episode is just shy of an hour long and has a great bit on how a certain very controversial phrase came into being.


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