Rough Beginnings

Rough Beginnings...

Chad is one of my best friends. He and I go back a long time. I'm talking to middle school days, which is pushing 40 years ago! (Really!? That long?... F******ck! I'm getting pretty long in the tooth!)

Chad and I didn't start off as friends, actually he annoyed the crap out of me... (I'm sure the feeling was probably mutual).

It took a while for him and I to connect, but over time we forged a friendship that has lasted almost four decades. Together we've faced and survived many storms through the years. Life and death stuff, business and financial stuff, personal highs and lows, marriages, divorces, kids, relationships, fortunes won and lost, good and bad times, days I can't forget (and admittedly some I can't remember =)

Anyway, the point is that his and my relationship didn't start off that way. It started off rocky. Hadn't he and I scratched beneath the surface of our initial response, we wouldn't have never found the friendship that has lasted a lifetime. 

Sage Advice?!

That was the story I shared to one of my young students who was exchanging words with a coworker who seemed to be picking on her.

"Go talk to her. You might be surprised." I said after telling her my Chad story. 

Not even a week went by when she told me that approached that 'mean girl' and talked to her. 


Now they are 'besties' and beginning to develop a friendship. 

Funny how things sometimes work out isn't it?!

It's the PeaceWalker way. 

When you have more clarity, skill and confidence to tackle conflict, things often work out better... 

And if they don't, you're prepared for that too! 

Speaking of...

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