Free vs. Formula


He came in and sat down to watch one of our Krav classes at the local academy. 

We exchanged niceties and names. I remember him not wanting to come down to watch a class or start in our intro session. Not because he had some experience, but because he had been watching youtube videos for a long time and was very familiar with training. 

"Hum... Interesting," I said.

"Well, it's different watching on youtube than it is training at an academy." I say as gently and respectfully as I can muster.

I barely got those words out of my mouth and he began asking me a plethora of questions about techniques. 

"Why do you do the gun disarm that way? I saw so in so do it differently. Why do you recommend the way you do it?" 

He went on and on...

Honestly, I don't remember if he joined or not...

Later that week I received an email from someone asking about the PeaceWalker Private Membership....

They asked, "Why would I pay you $39/mo, when I can watch youtube for free."

I don't remember if I even responded...

I probably didn't even bother.

Free v. Formula

In today's day-in-age information is cheap. We literally have too much of it! It's all at our fingertips 24/7, 365...


But here's the inside scoop, if you don't already know...

It's NOT about the information!

If it was only about the information... The technique, everybody would be fit, thin, rich and happy. 

But... They Aren't! 

And that ladies and germs is because it isn't about the FREE INFORMATION!

You need the formula...the recipe to make all that info work! 

Otherwise every desk jockey who watches youtube would be a world expert at everything known to mankind!

And you and I both know that ain't the case! 

The Glue

First, you have to know what is even good! 

This ain't like picking out colors. "I like that one!"

There are many aspects to being successful in anything (most certainly protecting yourself), that is very counter intuitive. 

So, lets say that out of the literally millions of youtube videos on whatever you want to learn you were able to pick out the best ones... (I'm sure very easy to do when you don't have any practical experience, except from watching other youtube videos... oh and reading the comments and likes)

It's the formula, of how to train, practice and implement all of those techniques. All of the components that make up the techniques. 

Even if you have all of the right ingredients you still have to put it all together into a workable formula to get it right.

Think of making a cake. 

You not only need good ingredients, but also the recipe of how to put all of those ingredients together and bake it in a way so that it turns out right! 

That's why it's so important getting involved with coaches, community, academies, courses, workshops, memberships and others who have experience to guide you. No matter what you are looking to learn!

It's Never Free

In reality nothings free! Least of all your own life! Learning how to live a warriors life is not given so easily. 

That sh*t doesn't come cheap son... and the monetary investment is the least expensive part of the deal!

Not to mention, we don't value free anyway! You gotta have skin in the game son!

So, the bottom line is beware of free. Techniques are important, but they're not where it's at. 

Get the formula. Seek a guide... Some one (or a group of someone's) who have been there before and can help you get where you want to go. 


If you are looking for a direct route to being able to protect yourself and live a protector's lifestyle, I have two opportunities for you. My Free Home Study Course Six Day Defense is a great way to begin your journey into a much bigger life. 


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