If You're Ever Chased by a Bear...


So let's say there's a bear chasing after you and your friend (could happen, especially here in Michigan).

You better run, cause I don't care how good at Krav you are... You ain't going to win that fight!

But remember... 

In order to live through this ordeal, you don't have to be the fastest person on the planet.

You don't even have to be faster than the bear.

You really just have to be faster than your friend who is also running from the bear!

(So much for being a protector! hahahaha! =)

How is This Like Self Defense?!

This is really the same basic concept that I teach when people are first learning how to protect them selves. NO, NOT the idea of 'every man for themselves...' and throwing your friend the the bears... But knowing that the criminals and assailants out in the world typically go after easy targets and if you aren't the easiest target, they'll most likely pass you by for someone else who appears to be easier. 

Stage one to being a PeaceWalker is how to be a Tough Target! 

Here are some basic suggestions:

Have Situational Awareness - Pay attention to what's going on around you! Avoid texting and being on the phone in public, especially in areas that are higher traffic or problem areas.

Don't look distracted (texting, on your phone, confused, etc.)

Hold yourself in a confident manner. Look like you have purpose, are sure of yourself... That you'd stand up for yourself and put up a fight if called to task.

Hold clear boundaries. Say NO to folks who approach you if they look / feel sketchy. 

Deny access to your valuables. Don't make things easy to get a hold of... Including yourself! Lock your doors, hide your valuables, keep your distance.

I could go on, but those are some good ones for starters!

A Better Look?!

Check out my free home study course: Six Day Defense.

Have a great day!

Keep Going,


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