Many Names, One Mission

One Heart, Many Names...

Autumn can go by several names, most notably fall, however there are others, such as harvest season, late summer, (fall) equinox, days of long shadows, and when the weather is agreeable, Indian Summer. 

Whatever name you use (aside from Indian Summer), the heart of the season remains the same. 

The same is true for us PeaceWalkers. 


Yes, there are many styles and methods of protecting yourself and others. Take just martial arts for instance. The varieties are almost limitless...

Krav Maga
Budo Tai Jutsu
Jiu Jitsu
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Kung Fu
Tae Kwon Do

It goes on and on endlessly. 

In many respects it's like religion. There are many methods and denominations within each tradition... and the practitioners become very attached to their approach and linage... Sometimes fanatically so. 

Each will give you the reasons why their brand is the best.

Trust me, I have my preferences and opinions like the rest of 'em...

HOWEVER here's where I differ from most...

I DON'T CARE What You Train...

If you're training doesn't inspire you to be and invalid or a delta bravo AND it is training that strives to protect and respect the sanctity of life (yours and others), then we are training the same thing. The rest as Dr. Humphrey would say are 'Just Details.'

We can debate techniques, tactics and strategies, but at the end the day, training something is typically better than sitting on your butt not training at all.


The Fact of the Matter Is...

Most people don't train at all! 

So, doing something better than doing nothing. Also, even of the people who do train, most only train very briefly. 

Of the literally thousands of people who've graced my academy, seminars or workshops, less than10% have continued on for a year or two. Less than 1% continue on past two years. 

Not my numbers, those are the facts Jack!

What's a Guy to Do?!

That said, my mission has always been trying to make this PeaceWalker path accessible to those like you my dear reader who want to make the investment of time and resources to learn and stay connected to this community of protectors. 

Not everyone can or will want to train a martial art, or own a weapon like a firearm. Not everyone wants to learn all of the skills that could be used. 

That's alright, I'll meet you where you're at, but you have to meet me a little more than half way. 

You see, YOU have to want it more than the person teaching it.

You have to Steal It so to speak! 

Remember One Heart... Many Names!

When it comes to this Protector Path, becoming a Swiss Army Knife rather than a laser beam will serve you better.

Well rounded vs. overly specialized. 

But whatever you decide to train, if your heart is in the right place as to WHY you are training...

Training with the right intent... 

The ethic that works toward most good least harm for all, then...

We are training the same thing.
Digging Your Well Before You're Thirsty...

It can take a lifetime of training and experience to acquire learning what to do when nice doesn't work...

And as I said earlier, most people never reach the gate, let alone stick around long enough to become proficient at these life changing skills.

I see it all the time at my academy and workshops.

People like you who really want to learn how to protect themselves and gain more confidence in themselves when it comes to handling difficult situations, but don't know how to start. 

This doesn't have to be you.

If you feel the urgency to learn how to protect yourself (and the ones you love) during these increasingly intense times but don't have the time to spend years training in martial arts. 

If you want to ramp your skills up quickly, then I recommend you look into my Six Day Defense Free Home Study Course:

Keep going,


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