When Running Doesn't Work


Most adults do a good job at avoiding most conflict and violence...


If, for whatever reason, they find themselves caught up in things and can't 'get away,' most don't know how to effectively handle conflict and violence. 

It goes South fast when things get real!

Most violence has a verbal component to it, so if you have the skills to communicate well, you may be able to defuse it at that stage. Now-a-days most call it de-escalation. It's not always that though. 

However, call it what you will. 

If you know how, you can use your influence as a weapon for good (or ill).

If things go beyond the point of verbal engagement, now you're getting into the realm of physical defense.  

Yep, most people don't know what to do there either. That's why millions of people every year seek out some type of self defense training. 

It could be martial arts (or sport)...

Some buy a knife, pepper spray or just go for the whole enchilada and (if their state allows it) choose to buy a gun and get a license to carry a pistol concealed.

Unfortunately, few stick around long enough to be very competent at any of it. 

Luckily, awareness and confidence goes a long way.

How About You!?

How confident are you when it comes to dealing with disrespectful even dangerous people? How well can you communicate under pressure? How are your de-escalation skills? How about if it came to physically defending yourself or someone else?

Could you be better at it?

Most people feel they could use some more skills to know what to say and do when nice doesn't work. 

Learning how to protect yourself emotionally, verbally and physically is only the beginning though. 

Your training should help make you more confident in everything that you do. Help you to cultivate a better Life.

Learn how to deal with the conflicts around you AND inside of you. Believe it or not, they go hand in hand.

No matter if you are training or not. 

Remember, you can't always run away from conflict and violence. Sometimes you have to deal with it.  

Being that's the case, here's something I'd like for you to check out. 


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