Marketing, Modesty and Blowing Your Own Horn

Me at the gates of Hell in Hell, Michigan (ironically on my way back home w/Will "Buddha" Weatherby from Jack Hoban's Buyu Camp in September, 2010!)

Hello all~

I am still sitting here listening to Robert Plant belt out the jams and I wanted to share some things with you; things that have been on my mind today regarding some marketing that I put out.

Earlier today I put out a marketing flyer that promotes one of my upcoming seminars ( for more info!). I have always had a difficult time blowing my own horn (I know some of you are thinking, "yea right!" :-). It is the most assertive advertising that I have published to date. Anyway I have to admit that I feel a bit funny about it. Not that it's not true, because everything that I said is factual and honest. It is that I feel a little funny proclaiming it to the mass public and more importantly to all of you. I feel strange tooting my own horn to everyone on facebook, LinkedIn, all of my friends, my clients and everyone on the internet! It makes me feel a bit self conscious, boisterous, arrogant... a braggart or a sell-out.

Now, I have been in corporate sales for decades, yet this feels different. It is easier to promote someone or something else, but it can be difficult to promote yourself in the same way. I feel...well vulnerable in a sense! I am waiting for the hammer to fall so to speak. I'm waiting for the critic, for someone to say something bad. This someone would probably be a person that I most likely don't even know. Someone who has never met me let alone trained with me. I fear that this person would tell me that what I said is BS, that I am just full of myself or that I must be in it just for the money. In a way I feel guilty of that, even though I know it's not true.

I think this feeling has a lot to do with how I was raised. My folks were humble people, people who never would tell others about their business; good or bad. They were friendly, but kept their cards close to their chest so to speak. That said, it is an interesting opportunity for me to grow.

I remember something that Tony Blauer wrote that helps me in times like this: His definition of Fear: F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real. Wise words! Words that I try to keep in perspective during times like this when I feel vulnerable!

Why do I choose to share this with all of you?! I don't know really. I think that there is so much out there that really is bullshit and so many people who are so full of themselves that it is difficult to be around them or know when they are being honest with you. I try to be genuine and not drink (too much of) my own Kool Aide, and I guess I just hope that I am not viewed in a way that is something other than my intentions.

I always try to learn and grow as much as I can. As I travel along my path I also try to give as much as I can to help others live safer, healthier, happier, more empowered lives. I am not used to tooting my own horn so to speak, so I guess I am feeling a little awkward doing so! I guess I haven't quite found my groove regarding marketing myself yet. I am confident I will grow into it!

Well, there you have it, my pink belly exposed for everyone to see... I still believe that the fears we face make us stronger. Why? Does it all really matter anyway!? We are all just travellers passing through this crazy, wonderful, paradoxical life anyway, so what is a little criticism, what is a little fear, many others have faced much more. Still the challenges we experience no matter how trivial can sometimes seems huge, but it just gives us all another chance to practice trying to breath, relax and letting it go! :-)

Thanks for listening!

All the best,


  1. Hi Craig!

    I really enjoyed your post. :) Your perspective on challenges, as a chance to practice breathing, relaxing and LETTING IT GO, is awesome!

    Take care and keep up the great work!

  2. I recommend your classes/seminars to a lot of people, so I'm glad to see you becoming more assertive with your marketing. I have personally benefited greatly from time spent training and chatting with you. Hopefully changes in your marketing will provide similar opportunities to more people in the near future. Many thanks and best wishes.

    p.s. Regarding Craig standing at the Gates of Hell: "It's OK, he likes it..." ;)

  3. Thanks for the great support, I really appreciate it! Keep the thoughts coming!

    ~Craig G.


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