Training, Kicking Ass and Empowerment

I found this video while on Tim Ferris's blog. ki'une's video is great. The song is one that I heard years ago and was casually keeping my ear open for it with little success, so it was good to have found it after all.

Those of us who have been training a while are often asked why we do it? People will come with a gleem in their eye wanting to learn to "fight," to "defend themselves," to "kick some ass." I think that what they truly seek is very different from what they ask for. I believe that what people are really looking for is empowerment. Empowerment to live, to protect and to inspire. To live up to ones true potential and if neccessary to defend and protect themself and others. To develop the courage to do as Joseph Campbell said, "Follow your bliss." It takes guts to do this and it helps to surround yourself with others that are on the path as well. We can all help one another to stay on track; to lift one another when we fall; to be honest with one another and to kick each others ass when needed. The wolf is only as strong and the pack and the pack is only as strong as the wolf.

As those guys in the Bujinkan always say, "Keep Going!"



  1. Aye, Empowerment is the real motivator behind the reasons. Quality post!


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