Krav Maga Tour and Train Day 1 & 2

The group began to arrive. For those who arrived on Friday I had to make sure they had food. This is Jerusalem, Jews observe the Sabbath and close down their shops on Saturday; no supermarkets, no restaurants.

Sunday morning: Coffee and orientation. We study some Talmud; the laws of "Rodef - a pursuer", and the obligation to save another. Craig from Michigan emerges as a bit of rabbi and Talmudic scholar. We learn some Hebrew words, Boker Tov - Good morning. Eyfo Ha Autobus - Where is the bus?

We take a long walk in Mitzpe Nevo and see the Judean desert, the homes that the US governement does not want us to live in, and we meet some local residents who don't seem nearly as fanatical as those that CNN shows on TV.

Sunday morning, knife defense

One p.m. Lunch at our local Humous place followed by a ride into the Judean desert; Nomads, camels, heards of goat and sheep. We stop for camel rides, negotiate for a while and agree on a price.

Stephan from Germany matches the camel with bright colors.

Next we continued along the long and winding road in the Judean desert, driving alongside the Dead Sea, or in Hebrew, the Salt Sea. We observed the incredible mountains and rock formations and then visited the Dead Sea itself.

Tim Hillis, IKI instructor, Arizona, floating in the Dead Sea.

Training at the Dead Sea, now this is realism. Very hot and dry, rough terrain, got to love it!

Back for more training after touring, these guys do not slack off.

Day Two

Day Two was devoted to training, eating some more humous, and learning a little about Israeli and Jewish history.

We began with Krav Kickboxing drills and defense against various types of strikes.

1 pm, back to our favorite lunch spot, Humus Adumim. Afternoon sessions begins with history: we discuss the history of the nation of Israel, roots of the Arab claims to our land, Rome, Europe and the USA. We then have a video presentation about the history of Jerusalem, the city we will visit tomorrow.

Back for more training

More knife defense

Our Tour and Train guests train with the kids.

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