Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Krav Maga Tour and Train Day 6

Craig Gray, Fred Heins & Tim Hillis are promoted to Black Belt Phase Two Instructors.

Day six began with krav maga ground fighting with weapons. Unlike sports such as MMA or events like UFC, in reality there are no rules at all. It is very likely that in a ground fight someone might pull out a knife or a gun; in IKI Krav Maga we prepare for such an eventuality.

Moshe Katz demonstrates ground knife defense, controlling the knife hand and striking pressure points


Next we addressed the issue of the passenger in the back trying to strangle the driver with a rope.

Self defense outside the car, someone attacks you as you attempt to unlock your car.

As Friday is a short day we took no breaks. The kids arrived for their class at 1:30 and our international guests worked with the local Israeli kids, many of whom spoke two or three languages.

Our Krav Maga guests with kids of the Mitzpe Nevo dojo


Our seven guests recieve their diplomas for completing the intensive six day course in Israel. Back row:left to right, Gregg Jackson (Indiana, USA), Tim Hillis, (Arizona, USA), Moshe Katz (IKI head instructor, Israel), Stephan Shutter, (Heidelberg, Germany), Craig Grey, (Michigan, USA. Front row: Justin Tarin, (Indiana, USA), Robert Amos, (Indiana, USA), Fred Heins, (Tilburg, Netherlands).

Post taken from Moshe Katz blog www.your-krav-expert.com

Thanks again!