Krav Maga Tour and Train Day 4

Day Four begins again with coffee, discussions about the previous day's visit to the Holocaust Memorial, and some basic Hebrew. We continue with defense against various types of kicks. Today we are joined by two instructors from Rehovot, Israel, Jill Shames and Naomi Milano Yitzhak.

Naomi takes a much needed water break

After a morning of training we head out to our favorite lunch spot, now this is how humous should be!

After lunch we view historic footage and documentation about the "Forgotten Refugees", the 750,000 Jews of Arab lands who were expelled by our Middle Eastern nieghbors and absorbed into Israel. We learn of their difficult history and brutal expulsion.

We go outside for "Self Defense in a Car", a topic often neglected in martial arts training but an important part of our program.

Naomi defends against a gun threat.

In Israel the modern the and ancient live side by side. As we are training for defense inside a car a local nomad rides by on his donkey, as did our forefathers on this very land for millenium.

Scary situations here, but we must learn to deal with it.

Day Four Afternoon - Evening

Our Tour & Train visitors train with the kids. They are impressed with the kids ability, the kids have a super time.

Yaakov Agranat blocks knife attack by Robert Amos of Indiana

We had begun our day at 9:30, some of the guys left for some private touring of Jerusalem, while others stayed to train with our local Maaleh Adumim guys.

Our group for Day Four!

The day ended at 10 p.m. until tomorrow morning....

Taken from Moshe Katz blog site




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