Israel's Yad Veshem - Holocaust Memorial

"The Unknown Righteous Among the Nations"
Monument at Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial & Museum in Israel

Although this was my second time to Israel's National Holocaust Memorial & Museum it had the same, if not more powerful effect on me. Once again, Elliott Chodoff provided incredible depth and insight to the tour. Moving through room after room of stories and artifacts that brought alive the tragedy that gripped the world not so long ago. I still can't help but feel the panic and helplessness for a population who were hunted down and exterminated by a major industrial world power of the time. The world stood by and watched as the Jews were systematically collected and killed. The Germans simply did not get rid of all of the Jews in Germany, they were set to find and eliminate all of the Jews throughout the entire world! 
The individual stories that were depicted were difficult to hear. The movie footage and pictures were attempting to give a sense of how the anti-Semitic wave came to a crest and crashed upon the world during the Nazi's regime.  Even with all of the artifacts, testimonials, pictures, movies, modern videos, government documentation, records, and the like it is still difficult to believe the extent of what occurred. Further more, it was perpetuated by educated "modern" thinkers, many of whom had doctorate degrees in humanities. 
Going here takes me to a dark place that is reminiscent of sublime, impossible nightmares of what hell must be like. A world gone mad. It made me think: We can't let things like this happen. We mustn't be the victims of these atrocities, nor must we allow ourselves to let fear and hate turn US into being the killing monsters of genocide. It is all too easy to fall down the slippery slope of dehumanization. This is why activating the idea of Universal Life Values is so important.

Where Ever I Go EVERYONE is Safer Because I Am There.
Where Ever I Am Anyone in Need Has a Friend.
When Ever I Go Home People Are Glad That I Am There.
It's a Better Life. 

~Robert Humphrey



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